Reasons to Accept Support When Your Child Has Cancer

When you hear that your child has cancer, your world likely feels like it is crumbling to pieces. At the Korral, we know this feeling all too well. We want you to know how important it is for you to take care of yourself during this time, though. Because of this, you have to be able to accept support. Too many people look at accepting support as a sign of weakness. Instead, turn that around and consider it a strength. You know you cannot do it all on your own and you want to give your child the best. Accepting support from others is the best way to give your child everything he needs.

Less to Worry About

We know you still have a household to run and errands to perform, but let someone else do them for you. When you know your house is clean and your pantry full, you can focus your full attention on your child who needs you. As caretakers, we know how easy it is to let everything overrun our minds and make us feel stressed out. Take at least one stress off your shoulders by letting someone do the little stuff for you.

Less Emotional Work to Do

Sharing stories and news updates about your child with cancer can be draining. Rather than repeating it numerous times, let someone spread the word for you. Choose a supportive family member or friend and let them share the news. You can help them choose the right method, such as phone calls versus email, but let them take the burden off you.

You Stay Healthier

You need to be in great shape to take care of your child with cancer. If you are run down and constantly getting sick, you cannot provide him with the care he needs. Letting others take some of the stress off you can help you stay healthy. If they offer to cook, shop, or clean for you, let them! This way you know you are getting what you need. Make sure you also take the time to sleep and do nice things for yourself – your body needs it!

We know how hard it is to accept support, but we really encourage you to do so. At the Korral, we do everything we can to make the process of living with a child with cancer as easy as possible. Lean on us and we will help you get through this!